WSU is an experienced contractor with a successful history of completing projects on various Australian sites over the past 6 years operating as a subcontractor to Tier 1 and 2 Contractors. This provides the benefit of a workforce that has a strong knowledge of working within operational Australian Defence Facilities and the health and safety, cultural heritage, environmental, quality and security expectations of Department of Defence.

LAND 121 Stage 2 Units Sustainment Facilities, North QLD 

  • Concrete culvert slabs
  • Storm water pipe installation                                                                             
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Scherger Perimeter Fencing, Creek and Roads Works

  • Repairs to existing and installation of new sections of perimeter fencing
  • Installation of RCPs in waterways
  • Construction of perimeter road 
  • Clearing of vegetation around Base perimeter fence line                                                                 

LAND 155 Works Package 2 

  • Site preparation, clearing and levelling
  • Construction of concrete slabs and footpaths
  • Installation of road pavements
  • Installation of storm water pipes, water and sewerage pipes
  • Rock pitching
  • Construction of dish drains                     
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