Indigenous Participation

As a Supply Nation Certified indigenous owned business WSU is committed to improving the social and economic welfare of Indigenous people by providing opportunities for employment and promoting career development for Indigenous people and providing a culturally sensitive workplace.

WSU is structured to maximise indigenous participation through enabling Indigenous participation in major projects which in turn will build on its civil contracting capability by offering labour, training, and plant hire opportunities for our Indigenous workforce and support its inclusion of the local community within which WSU will work at the time.

WSU recognises the importance of providing real opportunities to Indigenous Communities to assist in raising their economic and social development, which ultimately improve their standards of living and associated health and well-being status.

WSU will continue to focus on increasing our commitment to Indigenous engagement across the Joint Venture company, to create a diverse workforce. We have extensive experience working in regional and remote areas and within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Our policies, plans, initiatives and training programs support our commitment to provide equal opportunities.

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